Rags to Riches Embroideries LLC

Above are some of the exquisite works done by us for top New York fashion designers.

Our specialty is fine hand embroideries, beading and sequin work for garments, home furnishings and accessories. We embellish fabrics and lace by the yard. We do appliqués, logos, ribbons, fringes, borders and braids.

Established in New York in 1991, Rags to Riches has been in business since 1981 from India, supplying to Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. We work with top designers in New York City, creating unique looks for their lines.

We work against specific orders; hence originality and exclusivity is maintained. Our turn-around time for the first sample is two weeks.

For more information send us an email by clicking on our email address: info@rtrembroideries.com or call (212) 840-0244.